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Steve of San Diego says, "Staffing Workers Compensation fixed our Workers Compensation problem for us and we are in the ocean shipping business. I highly recommend them to all of our friends!"

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Henry of Miami says, "several years back we were looking for a company to take care of our USL&H or Longshoreman Insurance along with our Marine General Liability and we found Harris Insurance here at Staffing Work Comp and we have been with them for 7-8 years now.  They will find a solution for you and your company like they did for mine!"


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We specialize in Workers Compensation for Staffing Companies along with Longshoreman Insurance and Ocean Marine Coverages.

Premium Financing and Pay as You Go

Recently we quoted a company an annual premium of $240,000 and the down payment was $43,000.  The company was having a hard time coming up with the down payment so we arranged some creative financing for them allowing the company to pay only around $3200 to start and the first real premiums not due for 41 days later.

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