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Questions?  We have answers to your workers compensation Questions.  How much will it Cost?

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Work Comp for Your Staffing Company


Workers Compensation Solutions.  This is our business.  We provide solutions to high work comp costs for Staffing and PEO companies.  Many of our clients experience significant and immediate insurance cost savings for their business! We produce win/win relationships with all of our clients! Staffing Comp recognizes the unique exposures facing PEO and Staffing Firms. We have developed a special insurance program for streamlining quoting, underwriting and simplifying claims management.  Staffing Work Comp is a subsidiary of Harris Insurance and and has been in business since 1980.  Our many clients include clients in the marine and staffing industry located on both the West and East Coasts of the USA.

Pay As You Go


One Recent client had an annual premium of $240,000 with a $45,000 down payment to get his Staffing Workers Compensation going.  We were able to provide guidance to enable the client to get his required Work Comp Insurance for his employees for a small fee of $2500 or so instead of the large down payment and no premium payment due for the first 40 days or so.  

Workers Compensation Made Affordable


Call us today.  Does your staffing company have a large payroll?  Do you have a new staffing company?  Are You having to pay your workers compensation insurance under another company's name?  Call us, we provide solutions to workers compensation problems.  

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